2013 Winner of the Post-Doctoral Research Award: Human Behavior & Evolution Society recognized our research on convergent evolution in mammalian carnivores as the best paper by an individual who completed a PhD within the past 5 years.

Long-term project: Behavioral ecology study of California ground sqirrels is up and running! Barrett Fellows just marked our 100th squirrel at Briones Regional Park in the East Bay.

New collaborations: Our working group is exploring the emergence of Hierarchy and Leadership in mammalian societies at the National Institute of Mathematical & Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS).


1) Theoretical Advances in Animal Social Networks: New paper in Behavioral Ecology outlines recent advances and suggests new ways to propel the field of animal social networks forward.

2) Early Play as Practice for Dominance: Recent paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B finds that early play might predict later dominance relationships in marmots.

3) Development of Reciprocity: New paper in Animal Behaviour demonstrates that reciprocity of affiliative exchanges increases as marmots mature from pups to adults, especially with kin.

4) Convergent Evolution and Cooperation: Our Current Anthropology paper on convergent evolution reveals traits favoring cooperation in extant mammalian carnivores and provides new insights into Hominin evolution. See coverage by NPR and the ASM.

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